Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mardi Gras

Galveston February 1st-February 12th
New Orleans February 12th

Host your party with ACME Party & Tent!
Mardi Gras is just around the corner and you must start planning NOW if you want to throw the perfect bash!!

Party Checklist:
Kingcakes (it’s not a party without cake!)
Beads (for guests upon arrival)
Masks (for guests to wear and for additional d├ęcor)
Party Decorations (confetti, lights)
Party Supplies (plates, flatware, chairs, tables, linens) -ACME Party & Tent Music (create a fun ambiance with a great playlist)

Planning & Party:
  1. Send out invitations to inform friends, family, and co-workers of your event.
·        Play up the Mardi Gras theme by selecting colorful invites
·        Include glitter or confetti
  1. Select a menu with the best of Cajun cooking.
    • Drinks
    • Appetizers
    • Soups and Bisque
    • Seafood and Entrees
    • Dessert
    • Kingcake recipe
  2. Decorate with beads & masks
    • Spread beads throughout your house or tent to add a splash of color
    • Lay out masks for guests to put on
    • Play New Orleans style party music to set the mood
    • Put up purple, green, and yellow string lighting for the complete look
  3. Play games to entertain
    • Incorporate special games such as: Mardi Gras Madness, Who Got The Baby, and other fun card games
    • Choose an exciting way to elect a King & Queen of the party

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Holiday Engagements

Did your significant other propose over the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday?  Maybe your best friend, sister, or relative has recently gotten engaged and needs to start planning?  The next step is to throw an engagement party!
As tradition serves, the location of the party is usually either at the bride or grooms house.  Sometimes, one of the sets of parents hosts it in their home or backyard.  With the help of ACME Party & Tent, you can have the best experience getting to know your future family members!

Since the cooler months are among us, tents and heaters are a must!  Here at ACME Party & Tent, we have several options for heating & lighting for your special day.  We also have any size tent to accommodate all of your guests*. 

At ACME Party & Tent, we can provide things such as*:
·         Tents & Sidewalls
·         Lighting
·         Chairs
·         Tables
·         Bars
·         Linens
·         Glassware 
·         Flatware
·         China
·         Food Warmers
·         Generators & Power
·         Stages & Dance Floors
·         Fans & Heating
·         Audio & Visual
*Please call for estimates/pricing and availability.

We would love the opportunity to help make your engagement event spectacular and to share in making lasting memories.  Consider us for your wedding events and more!
Visit acmerental.com for more details on pricing or give us a call at 713-729-2424.