Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everybody Loves a Stage.....................

Have you been planning a corporate event, or just wanting to let loose with your friends and enjoy a live band? With the help from us here at ACME Party & Tent, your special occasion will be perfect! Our stages range from 12 inches to 4 feet high, and can be as large as 48x48 feet. Our stages come in 4x4 feet sections in order to give you the ideal sized stage that would accommodate your needs.

Acme Party & Tent stage setting uses:
  1. Corporate conferences/meetings
  2. Ceremonies
  3. Grand openings
  4. Karaoke parties
  5. Sales presentations
  6. Displaying important objects
  7. Theatrical plays
  8. Live bands
  9. Showing emphasis on the speaker/performer or equipment
  10. Public speaking
  11. Elevation above an audience
  12. Judge panels

Acme Party & Tent- Three things to take note of:

Draw inspiration-Architecture, nature, interior design, landscapes.  Incorporate the colors of the surroundings to the scheme of your stage setting.

Be creative-Add carpet, steps, skirting, and railing to make your stage stand out and flow with its atmosphere.

Fun & casual events-Utilize your stage for fun activities in your backyard for karaoke or live bands.

(Stage with rails, steps, pipe & drape, and skirt)

Stage setting ideas Acme Party & Tent offers:

-          Use truss utility beams for displaying lights directed to the stage.

-          Our lighting comes in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, and purple to help enhance any occasion.

-          Use pipe and drape as a backdrop.

-          Hanging banners make a great addition to a stage for any circumstance. Have them customized to fit your event.

-          Don’t forget about seating for your audience! White folding chairs make for an effortless and comfortable seating arrangement for any event.


(24x24 stage, 48” high with steps and railing)


(16x16 stage, 12” high with skirting)

Call a superstar sales representative today and get started! For more information contact:
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